Sample Making

What is Sample Making?
Sample Making is the next step after Pattern Making. Design-related samples are used to finalize the patterns and examine whether or not the patterns are ready for production.

The Important of Sample Making?

It takes not only countless factory visits to find someone worthy and experienced enough to actually create your samples but also be willing to do sample making. Some designers believe that they only need one sample of each design. However, what if you need to more than one factory for your actual production, if you have a meeting simultaneously, or if you get multiple press requests for a specific design? I had seen many designers freaking out when they did not have enough samples to show to customers or buyers.

Finding a Good Sample Maker?
At Lee Master Tailor, we have excellent and rigorously executed garment sample makers working tirelessly to ensures your products are ready for good productions. And a good production is the holy grail to which most designer houses and brands aspire.

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