Pattern Making

Pattern Made at Lee Master Tailor? 

At Lee Master Tailor, from an idea in your mind or a sketch, we create them into pattern units. We concentrate on men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. Perfect patterns contain 2D-shaped diagrams that are ultimately stitched together to create your garment. We will perfect the product until it reaches a complete fit, style and structure ready for manufacturing.

Why We Offer This Service?

It takes expertise and skills to form a perfect pattern. There is no cutting and sewing without a pattern. Lee has been doing it for over 30+ years, so we make sure that our customers will have the highest satisfaction for their patterns made at Lee Master Tailor

Pricing is flexible depending on the requirements and complexity of the patterns, and the quantity of pattern required. Please contact us at (416) 825-8706 or or simply fill out this form for an accurate quotation based on your pattern requirements.